Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Information On Renting A House In South Auckland

As the biggest main centre in New Zealand, Auckland offers most of the jobs when you get into the higher echelons of business, industry or broadcasting. Of course, the area reflects this with high property prices, expensive houses for rent and living costs that a lot of people are not willing and should not have to pay. Fortunately, there are alternatives to living in Auckland central if you want to work in some of the country's highest paying professions.

Raising a family can be a challenge. You do not want to compromise the family unit, and a lot of people consider living in the city to have a negative impact on a family. With less living space available for the same rates, it is already contradictory to the family lifestyle. Take into account other statistics like crime rates and schooling options as well as expense, and you start to see a lot of reasons to find houses for rent outside of Auckland central.

Surrounding areas in the region, Manukau City, Franklin and Papakura offer lifestyles far better catered toward families. A three bedroom house in Papakura costs close to four hundred dollars per week with the same number of bedrooms in Auckland Central costing double that. You can also take into consideration that Papakura property has parking and lawn space. Located close to the city, Papakura is only a thirty minute commute from Auckland central.

Moving a bit further south, in Franklin, with lifestyle space the same if not greater than Papakura, the same style housing costs three hundred and fifty dollars per week. A bit further away than some might like, but if you have a situation where you do not have to commute every week day, Franklin offers some of the best valued accommodation in the Auckland region. The town is known for motorsport, and boasts a great number of fine cafes and restaurants in the town centre.

Manukau is the closest centre to Auckland, just twenty minutes from the heart of the city. After the merging of the regions in Auckland to be part of the city, Manukau is no longer a township of its own but still has a thriving central business district with houses available for between three hundred and fifty and five hundred dollars per week. Being in such a great location as well as being a reasonably independent part of Auckland with its own set of amenities, spending time looking for an affordable place in Manukau will be more cost effective than Auckland central while being as close as you can get.

Ray White Papakura have a range of houses, land and farms for sale in Papakura in the southern Auckland region of New Zealand along with areas such as Clevedon in the east and Waiuku in the west.

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